The Producers

Date 1st October 2015
Society LOS Musical Theatre
Venue Lewes Town Hall
Type of Production Show
Director Boo Wild
Musical Director Ian White
Choreographer Collette Goodwin


Author: Brenda Gower

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and professional show with well cast characters on stage and an extremely competent team behind the scenes.  The producers themselves were a great duo - seasoned performer Ray Gabbard as Max Bialystock and the young Dom Rawson as Leo Bloom gelled completely and were a delight to watch and listen to.  Tom Freeman's interpretation of Franz Leibkind was marvellous and his pigeons certainly added to the enjoyment!  Dino Bishop was amazing as Carmen Ghia - so right for the character in attitude, speech and everything, working so well with Don Ross as Roger De Bris who looked marvellous in his frocks and acted the part so well.  Katy Mattman's Ulla was also characterised beautifully in every way - she was a joy to behold.  There were many lovely cameo parts for the rest of the company, all exceedingly well handled.  The talented musicians with the orchestra on stage gave us Mel Brooks' music in great style.  The wardrobe and makekup teams ensured that everyone had the right look and the set was ideal, giving plenty of room for the action.  As always, the programme was a professional piece of work.  Many congratulations to the production team and all involved for putting together a show worthy of the West End.  Lewes is a very lucky town!