The Pirates of Penzance

Date 16th February 2012
Society Godalming Operatic Society
Venue Borough Hall Godalming
Type of Production Musical
Director Pat O’Connell
Musical Director Robin Wells


Author: Betty Haslam District 18

This is the eighth time Godalming Operatic Society have performed Pirates since the first production in 1928. The Pirates of Penzance was the first show in the first year of the Buxton G&S festival in 1994 and the Sergeant of Police was the current production’s director Pat O’Connell. Godalming Operatic are taking Pirates to the 19th Festival later this year. Simon Cakebread (Major-General Stanley) was the very model of a senior army officer with mix of bluff and pathos. Lee Power (Pirate King) commanded the stage with his presence and strong bass voice. Mark Waters (Samuel) the ‘Scottish’ lieutenant brought humour and a pleasant voice. Richard Hales (Frederic) and Jenny Sanders (Mabel) worked very well together both in complementary singing and acting. The General’s daughters Rebecca Lucas, Alexandra Lawrence and Hannah Lucas gave good perfomances. Nora Price (Ruth) showed her stage talents to excellent effect as the Pirate Maid. Richard Arthur (Sergeant of Police) displayed very good comic acting and a good voice. The ensemble of Daughters & Chaperones, Pirates and Policemen coupled excellent chorus singing and complemented the principals with very impressive routines. Director Pat O’Connell’s innovative approach and a well drilled company made for a very enjoyable evening. Musical Director Robin Wells and the orchestra produced a lovely sound and allowed every word to be heard from the stage . Stage Manager Jill O’Regan and her stage crew coupled with lighting designed by Alexander Lyon assisted by John Pibworth produced a suitably spooky ruined chapel.