The Odd Couple (female version)

Date 26th November 2016
Society Retford Little Theatre
Venue Little Theatre
Type of Production Play
Director Joan Young
Musical Director n/a
Choreographer n/a


Author: David Fisher

In 1985 Neil Simon revised his original script of The Odd Couple for a female cast. This version was based on the same storyline and same lead characters but the names were feminine. The poker game became Trivial Pursuit with their friends becoming the girlfriends. When the curtain opened, we were shown what can only be described as a superb American apartment with various exits and wonderful furniture. The actresses maintained the accents with great accuracy. When a window was opened the traffic noise could clearly be heard down below in the street. It is these little touches that do make all the difference. All six female parts were beautifully portrayed, and every emotion was shown in faces and voices.

I must especially give special praise to Julian Roberts and Mark Thornton who portrayed the two Spanish guys Manolo and Jesus. There was some very funny translation in the dialogue from Spanish to American and vice versa which was carried off very well. As a new producer to the society Joan Young handled the complex moves, the characterisation of the story and she used the whole stage incredibly well.