The Odd Couple

Date 25th April 2014
Society Idle & Thackley Theatre Group
Venue The Little Theatre, Idle, Bradford
Type of Production Play
Director Bob Cochrane


Author: Judith Smith

~~This was a very well adapted play for a mainly female cast, taken from the story of the well known film.   The action takes place over several weeks in Olive’s apartment in uptown New York in the mid 1980s.   Six New York ladies meet weekly in Olive’s flat for a ‘gossip’ and a game of Trivial Pursuit.  The trouble starts when Florence is late and the girls, who have started without her, suddenly get the idea that something is wrong and she may be contemplating committing suicide.  Florence arrives, full of woe as she has separated from her husband of 14 years.  The girls quickly depart and reluctantly Olive agrees that Florence move in with her.   This couple are very oddly matched as Olive is an untidy, happy go lucky type of character; Florence a very organised, clean and tidy person and very house proud.  Things come to a head when Olive invites two Spanish gentlemen to the flat for a meal but everyone arrives so late that the meal is burnt and inedible.  Florence and Olive row and Florence is thrown out of her flat – where does she go to? – the Spanish boys!!  Inevitably, like all good comedies the plot unravels itself and the play closes with all the girls happily meeting in the flat for their weekly ‘get together’.
The script is full of comedy which was well executed by all the cast but in particular Alyson Hunter as ‘Olive’ and Sara Devitt as ‘Florence’.  They had a long time together on stage but never once did they let the momentum drop or flag.  The two gentlemen ‘Manolo’ and ‘Jesus’ were beautifully played as twins by Bob Cochrane and Ben Whitney and their scene with Olive and Florence had the audience in stitches. 
This was a very enjoyable evening watching a well directed and acted play with excellent scenery, props, sound and lighting but I wonder how long this Society can continue playing to such low audience figures?  Over a four night run the audience total was less than 100 !!  Think of the learning and rehearsal time given to this production.  This is a Society well worth supporting and worthy of collecting its comparatively low ticket prices.  Please give them some support for their next production ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’ towards the end of June.