The Lottie Project

Date 17th April 2013
Society Leeds Childrens Theatre
Venue Carriageworks Theatre
Type of Production Childrens's Play
Director Jane Curtin and Alex Plygawko


Author: A D Smith

What an unusual play - 2 different timescales - Victorian and present day, they bonded together very well. All the cast were well chosen, both young and old. The two main characters - Charlie and Lottie - showed the difference in eras - Lottie suitably Victorian, and in service, and Charlie in modern day school. Charlie gets upset when her mother loses her job and a new teacher, Miss Beckwith comes to her school. The teacher sets the pupils a project and Charlie decides to write a diary on the life of Lottie - a young Victorian Nursery Maid. Their lives have some interesting parallels which were well brought out. Well done Leeds Children’s Theatre - look forward to Pinocchio!