The Little Shop of Horrors

Date 21st May 2016
Society Richmond Operatic Society
Venue Richmond Georgian Theatre Royal
Type of Production Musical
Director Brigitte Martin
Musical Director Adrian Bramley


Author: Peter Parlour

This must be one Richmond’s most successful  production’s. There were many excellent performances in this comedy show. The show feature 'Seymour'  as he struggles through life on dead end “Skid Row” helping in a flower shop, trying to get a romance going with 'Audrey'. He finds an unusual plant which grows and turns out to be giant, blood drinking, man eating plant but will he get his  happily  ever after? 'Seymour' was performed by Billy Gaines wonderfully throughout, 'Audrey' was very delicately performed  very well by  Aoife Scott, she sang and acted excellently. 'Mr  Mushnik', who owned the shop  was again well played by Brian  Martin who eventually adopted Seymour as his son. A glamorous trio who began the show and provided continuity in several appearances in different dresses were excellently played,  'Chiffon', 'Crystal' and 'Ronnette' were played by Jean Robinson,  Helen Cain and Paige  Rutherford respectively.

When the  plant (named 'Audrey 2') was placed in the window the fortunes of the shop fluorished with its first customer 'Snip' (Tom Lough) whilst the roles of 'Derelict/Bernstein'  should have been played by Pru Nunn,  illness prevented her, the role being played  by Rhoda Fraser.

'Audrey'  was to see her masochistic dentist boy friend 'Orin Scrivello, DDS'  absolutely  brilliantly played by  John Holliday, he was well made up and terrified poor Audrey, it really was a very powerful performance. On feeding on blood of Orin who died on an overdose of laughing gas, 'Audrey 2' grew really big (operated and sung by Ciaran Cochlan), opening its enormous mouth only to devour Mr Mushnik and eventually Audrey after first having been resuced by  Seymour.

Small roles of 'Mrs  Luce' and 'Patricia  Martin' were played by Angie Moore and Director, Brigette  Martin.

It really was a very entertaining performance and was very well received the audiences  and congratulations  must go to Brigette Martin for the excellent directing in this her first Production as a Director. Adrian Bramley did  an excellent job with his  small ensemble, but was a good sound.  Very well done Richmond in providing us with something  unique and excellently performed.