The Lion, The Witch and the Wordrobe

Date 2nd December 2016
Society Port Sunlight Players
Venue William Gladstone Theatre
Type of Production Musical PLay
Director Julia Whitehead
Musical Director Greg Williams


Author: Budge Grounsell

This is of course a version of a classic tale; an adaptation  from the Seven Chronicles of Narnia. Having seen several adaptation of the original I find it difficult to place where this interpretation lies as I have not seen Father Christmas featured before, however, having checked further I note that it is most certainly in the script.   Greg Williams the musical Director composed music for the show.

Unfortunately although the Players cast 2 different sets of Children, the programme did not indicate which of them was playing on the night I saw it so I am not able to specifically identify the various characters. I shall therefore have to be content to say that they all did very well in  their characterisation and I am sure their alternates did so when they took over the parts.  Jason Collinson was sufficiently impressive in his role as Aslan and the “Beavers”  Jane Wing and Adam Hutton did well in their parts. Adam’s voice was particularly suited to the character. The story were well served by Stuart Clay as Mr Tumnus. and The Lady who played Mrs Macready. Two players were shown in the programme in relation to this latter character Rachel Glyn-Williams and Tracy Williams, and I am not certain which one I saw, however If the players ever do “Rebecca” they have a ready made Mrs Danvers.  Adele Riley-Bell  playing the White Witch was certainly imperious in her approach and beautifully costumed. I am assuming that her principle assistant was Chris Clinton in  the role of Maugrin. He played the entire performance  bent over which made me feel for my own back . This was an excellent performance  much appreciated by the audience  for whom he managed to promote plenty of laughter. Les Read played the Professor ; at times I thought he played down a little too much to the children although this might have been quite intentional.  Che Cullen Rosie Bennett,John Fleetwood and Tash Sweeney added their small but important contribution and we should not forget John Fullerton in his role as Santa… Dancers and Children from the Whitehead School of Dance and Drama also gave good support to the proceedings.

The sets were simple buit effective and the Costuming and make up were fine. Backstage workers are always important and Port Sunlight are not lacking in this respect.  Budge