The Ladykillers

Date 19th September 2014
Society Horncastle Theatre Company
Venue Lion Theatre, Horncastle
Type of Production play
Director Peter Glanfield


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

The set of a sitting room, stairs and a bedroom upstairs was extremely well done with excellent props. This represented a boarding house very close to London's King's Cross in November 1956. Every time a train went past the entire set shook! The lighting and special effects were particularly notable. The landlady, Mrs Wilberforce, was played to nigh on perfection by Moira Love. She agreed to let a room to Professor Marcus [Graham Turner] and was told that four more men would be coming along to rehearse for a musical concert. These men turned out to be plotting a complicated robbery. The action took place over five days and from the start to finish was hilariously funny. Graham Turner was superb as the con man; his facial expressions spoke volumes and his cajoling, wheedling and hectoring attitudes were just right for the character. His 'band', played by Chris Hinkins, Wil Hawkes, Jonathan Cooke and Andy Bye, all maintained their different 'rogue-style' characters extremely well.The moment when they had to play to a group of Mrs Wilberforce's friends was priceless. David Ireland's cameo of the local policeman was pleasing. This play was a real tonic.