The Ladykillers

Date 25th March 2022
Society Duston Players
Venue Duston Community Centre
Type of Production Play
Director Tim Dwelly
Written By Graham Linehan


Author: Keith Loynes

The Ladykillers is a classic, which to people of a certain age needs no introduction.

The curtain rises on the sitting room with the well-meaning but confused Mrs Wilberforce (Debbie Malcolm) explaining her latest cause for concern to the long suffering constable Macdonald (Alistair Way).

Very funny with great timing. This opening scene sets tone for the rest of the play.

“The gang”, all psychologically damaged in one way or another were led by Professor Marcus (Andy Whalley) with his trade mark long scarf.

Chris Mathewman was the perfect spiv and compulsive crook, in his portrayal of Harry Robinson. High on drugs, half the time and with an out of control cleaning compulsion.

Louis Harvey. The hard man, always tooled up and ready for a fight, but terrified of little old ladies, gave John Myhill the chance to try a Romanian accent. Which he achieved with ease.

Mike Sydee, as One-Round, AKA Mr Lawson. The fact that he was Mr Lawson, was about the only part of the plan he remembered most of the time. He became Mrs Lopsided’s self-appointed bodyguard. All muscle and by no means the sharpest tool in the box, I’m sure one day Mike will forgive, whoever compiled the programme for saying that he is “perfect for the part”. Although he did play it perfectly.

I was surprised to see James Burgess, cast as Major Courtney, a man at least 40 years his senior. I need not have worried, as great make up and a superb performance from James throughout, made the Major a totally convincing character. Again with great comic timing.

Technically not the easiest of plays to put on, with the split stage for upstairs and downstairs and even the apron used as the rooftop, but with clever lighting and a well disciplined cast it worked.

Well done Tim. Your team did you proud!