The Ladykillers

Date 11th October 2019
Society Rhiwbina Amateur Theatrical Society Cardiff
Venue Rhiwbina Memorial Hall - Cardiff
Type of Production Play
Director Carol Davies assisted by Cheryl O'Brien


Author: Allan Mears

Adapted from the 1955 film by Graham Linehan staring Alex Guinness, Cecil Parker and Peter Sellers, The Ladykillers is a classic black comedy involving a sweet old landlady alone in her house, pitted against a gang of criminal miss-fits, planning a robbery whilst purporting to rehearse as members of an orchestra in their rented room.

Carol Fletcher as Mrs Wilberforce managed to capture the character of this sweet and eccentric old lady with ease. Her dialogue was clear and at a good pace.

Richard Thomas as Professor Marcus fills this giant of a role with great style, expression and comedy timing throughout. His dialogue was delivered with a very sinister edge, which suited the part.

Nick Ferrier as Major Courtney was played with just the right level of naivety and cowardice for this unlikely conman.

Matt Ploszajaki as Harry Robinson, the pill-pushing, cleaning obsessed and prone to petty theft member of the gang, was splendidly played. This actor was spot on with both the accent and the mannerisms. 

Matt Atkins as One-Round was an endearing character, this actor brought out the comedy of the role perfectly. The funny misinterpretations were perfectly executed

Steve Lane as Louis Harvey, the real ‘hard man’ of the gang except for his fear of little old ladies hopped back and forth between threatening violence and being afraid of old ladies with ease.

Minor roles were justly carried out by Patrick baker as Constable MacDonald, Lynda George as Mrs Tromleyton, and other Company Members as The Loose Society of Women.

The split level set was functional. The decor, furnishings and props were well chosen and the lighting all added to the overall feel of the play. Although the set was incredibly clever, I didn’t feel that the upstairs section had sufficient space for the physicality required of this piece.