The Ladykillers

Date 21st April 2016
Society Sleaford Little Theatre
Venue The Playhouse, Sleaford
Type of Production Play
Director Oliver Guilliatt


Author: Peter Breach

The new version of this Ealing comedy classic, written for the stage by Graham Lineham, seems to have generated a great deal of interest among local theatre goers who flocked to see this production. As in the original, comedy abounds, but there is much stronger element of farce in this edition. The plot involves a team of villains who intend to execute a robbery in King’s Cross, London and in order to provide themselves with an operational base and somewhere to lie low after the commission of the offence, they pose as a group of musicians and rent a room in the house of dear, elderly Mrs Wilberforce (beautifully played by Linda Mallet). After the robbery has been committed, Mrs Wilberforce discovers that her lodgers are not really musicians but criminals who are in possession of a large amount of money and she intends to report matters to the police. The villains decide that she must be killed, but which of them will carry out her execution? Sinister Professor Marcus (played by Richard Bridgen), the boss and brains of the team, Major Courtney (played by Craig Pakes), an ex-military man with a penchant for nice dresses, ‘One-Round’ (played by Nigel Guilliatt), a boxer better known for ‘throwing’ a fight than a punch, Louis Harvey (played by Tony Gordon), who prefers to use a knife on people rather than for sharpening pencils or Harry Robinson (played by Callum Thursby) a pill popper who can’t help talking himself into trouble?  Whilst none of this team was capable of causing the death of Mrs Wilberforce, they all conspired to deliver a most farcical performance which resulted in the demise of themselves and leads to Mrs Wilberforce being advised by friendly and helpful Constable MacDonald (courteously played by David Malkin) to keep the proceeds of the crime in order to save the police a considerable amount of work! Presented on a well-designed and constructed set with the players very appropriately costumed and the production team delivering timely sound effects, this was great entertainment. Congratulations to Oliver Guilliatt on his directing debut with SLT and all who were involved.