The Lady Killers

Date 22nd July 2016
Society Rainham Theatrical Society (RTS Ltd)
Venue Oast Theatre, Rainham
Type of Production Play
Director Steve Berry


Author: Gordon Harris

This was an excellent evening: ‘The Lady Killers’.

Graham Linehan's adaptation of the classic1955 Ealing film is now a superb comedy play. A group of five guys pose as a string quintet while planning a robbery in the King's Cross home of old biddy, Mrs. Louisa Wilberforce. When the old dear finds out, the hoodlums wind up killing each other off as they plot to kill her off. This comedy converts into an opportunity for uproarious slapstick stage farce and RATS, you did it.

Jean Willis tugs at the heartstrings as doddery Mrs. Wilberforce. William Beck does a fine job as the articulate ‘Professor' Marcus, as he plays the role of the criminal mastermind. But Alan Godman is endearingly funny as the big thick oaf nicknamed “One Round”, who thought that when playing a cello he has to put it under his chin - perfect…!!! One-Round comes closest to stealing the show.

Michael Willis brings melancholy to the transvestite yearnings of Major Courtney. Just the right level of character required. However this is a good ensemble piece, each actor making the most of their individual portrayals. Luke Bailey portrays the Cockney Spiv Harry well, forever cleaning any spot of dust. Louis is a Romanian killer hating ‘h airy’ old ladies, and is expertly played by Ryan Gaston, keeping his exceptional Hungarian accent perfect all the way through. Colin Mepstead (Constable MacDonald) gave a good supporting role, as did Charlotte Caston, Berly Lacey and Betty Merton  as the ‘old ladies‘, and Jo Godman as Mrs. Jan Tromleyton. Just one little thing that I noticed: when playing on a split stage, be careful not to go over that dividing line between the rooms. Other than that Steve Berry as Director enthused into his cast the sense of this play …comedy, and yes we got it, along with a great solid set designed by Phil Willing.