The King and I

Date 15th June 2016
Society Rock Ferry Amateur Operatic Society
Venue Gladstone Theatre
Type of Production Musical
Director Sarah Jane Aston & Kate Yates
Musical Director Greg Williams


Author: Budge Grounsell

~~Shakespeare folks but not as we know it. Once again Hand in Hand excelled
themselves with this production. Beautifully scripted by the authors Bev
Clark, Keith Hill, who also directed.and with additonal dialogue by Will
Shakespeare it depicted a dying Shakespeare paid homage to by a company of
clowns who infiltrate his dreams and turn them into nightmares. Surreal and
at times pythonesque this was wonderfully entertaining.

The Concert Room at St George's Hall made a fitting backdrop and although
the stage was intended more for musical offerings H&H made full use of the
venue as they usually do. It's amazing what can be done with  two step
ladders several umbrellas and sundry props, oh! and a bed which sort of half
stood in the corner for Mr Shakespeare which incidentally didn't look too
comfortable. He didn't seem to complain

Shakespeare speaks of “men and women being merely players”; there was
nothing mere about these players. To a man and woman they all did their part
brilliantly; maintaining the pace of the piece as it ranged through it's
many stages and  almost continuous entrances and exits. All were beautifully
costumed and their makeup was a joy for which they or whoever created it
should be congratulated.

You probably won't get the chance to see this production as Thursday night
was it's swansong. Shame!
Let us not forget the backstage crew and many others who added their
contribution to it's success.

Finally if I may paraphrase the Bard “This was such stuff as dreams are made