The Hollow by Agatha Christie

Date 7th February 2020
Society Threepenny Theatricals
Venue The Church Hill Theatre, Edinburgh
Type of Production Play
Director Fiona Main


Author: Stuart McCue-Dick

Who doesn’t love a good ‘Who dunit’? And what better writer than the world-famous Agatha Christie. With so few drama clubs in NODA Scotland it is always a pleasure to visit Threepenny Theatricals.

This year’s choice ‘The Hollow’ by Agatha Christie had all the ingredients for a great evening – a weekend at a country house, friends and family with secret pasts, a glamorous Hollywood film star and of course the inevitable murder. Through all the twists and turns the audience are kept guessing until the very end. Who committed the crime – I won’t spoil the surprise but safe to say I didn’t guess correctly!

To be a success any play requires a number of key ingredients:

  1. A great story. Given the author that was a guarantee with plenty of plot twist to keep us all guessing.
  2. A varied selection of characters. It was clear that every member of the cast had worked hard to understand the demands and nuances of their character. Everyone was believable and truthful drawing the audience ever deeper into the action and making us want to find out more. It was great to watch the interaction between the actors as their character’s relationship with others developed and changed over the course of the play. It would be wrong of me to single out any one performer because there were truly no weak links.
  3. A set and costumes that evoked the time and place. Once again, the set build and dressed by club members was perfect with great attention to detail and designed to ensure the pace of the pay was maintained. I particularly liked the use of the butler and housemaid to make changes between scenes. Costumes were of the time period and appropriate to each character.

The Hallow was once again a triumph for the club and I was delighted to see increased support for this relatively new club. Congratulation to everyone on and off stage and I look forward to next year as the club continues to grow and develop.