The Haunting

Date 25th March 2015
Society Retford Little Theatre
Venue Retford Little Theatre
Type of Production play
Director Donnamarie Stamp


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

It seems that Charles Dickens also wrote some ghost stories. A number of years ago Hugh Janes incorporated some of those ideas into this play. It featured a young man, David Filde, who had been employed by Lord Gray to value the contents of an ancient Manor House's library. Alex Nicol and Peter Thomas played these two pivotal roles. We also saw Mary [Tracey Stafford]. It was clear that these two gentlemen had an enormous number of lines to learn.....and both did so extremely well. They gradually built up a picture of the Manor House's past history. The set was incredibly good with very well-chosen furnishings and props. The special effects, lighting and sound all worked a treat to convey a real feeling of mystery. In addition to the wraith-like apparition [Mray], there were doors banging, a chair spinning round and books flying off the shelves to name just a few. It was all very spooky. I understand it was Donnamarie's first attempt at directing a play. What an achievement! Well done, everyone.