The Great Gatsby

Date 29th July 2016
Society Washington Theatre Group
Venue Washington Arts Centre
Type of Production Play
Director Calum Price


Author: Foster Johnson

To re-create a classic novel of the Twentieth Century like The Great Gatsby is a daunting task for the best of professional companies. It is even more so for an amateur theatre group even though it is in a foreshortened format.

It was therefore with some trepidation that I visited Washington Theatre Group’s production on a wet Friday evening. However I need not have worried as I, along with a decently full auditorium, were treated to a fine evening’s entertainment from this talented group. What made it more successful was that they had to transmit the plot line in a truncated play format from a book of epic proportions.

It was also a challenge for Calum Price who was making his debut in the Director’s Chair and what a good job he made of it. Using minimal staging but with excellent sound effects and a shrewd lighting plot he ensured that the essence of the plot was transmitted to the audience.

However no matter how good the play or directing ability this would all come to nought if you did not possess a cast of sufficient talent to deliver. Well Washington Theatre Group has this in plenty and the cast of fourteen were well matched and balanced and their dialogue was crisp and clear so that storyline and none of the nuances were lost to the audience. They were well supported by the back stage crew and the lighting and sound technicians who complemented and finished the final product.

When everyone makes a telling contribution to a show’s success I am reluctant to single out any particular individual(s) and this is even more difficult from a cast of this size. Therefore I will conclude this report with a big overall well done to them all.