The Goodbridge Million

Date 13th April 2019
Society Bath Unity Players
Venue St Barnabas Church Hall, Southdown, Bath
Type of Production Play
Director Cressida Bullock


Author: Dee Way

This is a delightful short play that supposes that a small village is gifted a million pounds and depicts the turmoil that ensues in trying to decide how to spend it.  The script for this production was adapted slightly with the author's agreement - and to very good effect, making the drama highly relevant to today.

As a first foray into Direction, this was an excellent play to choose. The planning of the action was clear and very effective, with entrances varied, the four areas of the stage clearly defined and the limits of those areas well maintained. Fixing the set areas for the whole play meant that the action was uninterrupted and flowed easily from scene to scene.  The characters were very well drawn and created good contrasts.  The pace of the production was nice and fast.

Dividing the set into four distinct parts worked very well and the audience was clear as to where these places were. The radio studio with its two contrasting broadcasters was lovely, complete with 'On Air' sign and jingles. The Butchers shop was very well created with the slab for meat and the diagrams of cuts.  The operation of the doorbell worked really well, too. The vestry of St Jude's showed very good attention to detail, with the dying plant, the classic green cups for coffee - of dubious cleanliness - and the bookcase on the back wall. However, here it was the bible hiding the whisky bottle that stole the show for me!  

The music, lighting and sound were all very well cued and were very effective.  The music and sound for the radio jingle was just right, with the recorded voices totally believable.  The choice of song "We are the village conservation society" hit the mark beautifully.  The lighting, while quite straightforward, was very well handled and defined the acting areas clearly.  The costumes, hair and make-up reflected the characters well, with the slightly dowdy looks of the older villagers giving the impression of a general lack of financial resources.  

However, as ever, it was the acting and the sense of fun onstage that held the attention throughout.  This was a funny script that was well interpreted and performed. It is always a pleasure to see this group's productions for the quality of acting and their enjoyment of the process.  This was no exception - congratulations to you all!