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The Geordie Pantomime Adventures of Robin Hood


1st December 2018


Chester-le-Street Theatre Group


Community Centre, Chester le Street

Type of Production



Julie Dryden

Musical Director

Chinami Smith


Viki Cowey and Emily Smith


Author: Michelle Coulson

CLSTG always bring a traditional pantomime to their audiences full of fun and laughs and this year was no exception. This very young cast all gave a committed and high standard of performance.

We were taken to the Land of Myths and Legends and greeted by a full of life Fairy of the Forest, played by Holly Alexander and a suitably sinister Sherriff of Nottingham played by Aidan Probee. Both were good in their roles and gave confident performances with lots of audience participation. Robin’s band of Merry Men was well portrayed and gave excellent support to their leader; Friar Tuck (Nathan Maw), Little John (Anya Siou), Alan-A-dale (Alicia Cassy) Mutch the Miller’s Son (Daniel Fitzpatrick) and Big John (Rickie Mullen) were all in fine voice and had good stage presence. As the leader Robin Hood, Adam Robson gave an assured performance, sang well and had an excellent rapport with his fellow cast members. Caisley Graham looked every inch the medieval heroine as Maid Marion and her singing was excellent, together with Adam the two made a convincing principal couple.

The comedy was in the safe hands of Cameron Burgess as Willie Do-It-All and Elliott Robinson as Dolly Do-It-All. Cameron was an instant hit with the audience in his pursuit to become a Merry Man and I think Elliott must be the youngest panto dame I have ever seen, both oozed enthusiasm and energy. There were many laugh out loud moments in the comedy routines provided by these two and the messiest of slosh scenes with lots of “ice cream”.

The return of King Richard, well played by Max Weatherhead, saw Willie’s dream of becoming a Merry Man come true and peace again returned to the forest and “Rottingham” castle.The supporting cast of ladies in waiting, villagers, guards and ghosts all gave good performances and together with the principal cast and sang and danced well.

The music was an eclectic mix and the singing was accompanied by the skilled playing of Chinami on keyboard and Barry Henderson on percussion. This was a polished production supported by good scene changes, props, sound and lighting; congratulations to the cast and their production team.