The Full Monty

Date 9th July 2014
Society Nottingham Operatic Society
Venue The Nottingham Playhouse
Type of Production Musical
Director James Masters
Musical Director Steven Williams
Choreographer Denise Palin


Author: Matt Fry

Presented by Osker Productions

Osker Productions performed The Full Monty at the Nottingham Playhouse. This musical is an Americanised adaptation of the British Film Hit, which follows the ploy of Jerry Lukowski to make a quick buck by rounding up an unlikely group of unemployed males to ‘go all the way’ in a unique stripper act.

This show benefited from the experienced production team, headed by John Osborne. This was a slightly grittier / more human production of The Full Monty to previous productions encountered, with several opportunities for comedy removed. That being said, it absolutely worked and displayed great artistic vision across the board. Director James Masters did a fine job in providing simple setting and continuous action throughout. Musical director, Steven Williams, ensured good sound balance from stage and pit and the choreography provided by Denise Palin was well devised and of a good standard.

The main line up of men was strong, with exceptional performances (acting and singing alike) provided by Andy McPhee (as Dave Bukatinsky) and Andrew Booth (as Malcom McGregor). The standout performance from the evening was provided by Kate Williams, who gave a fantastic vocal performance and a brilliant character portrayal as Vicki Nichols, easily worthy of the professional stage. Other performances of particular note were also provided Morven Harrison (Georgie) and Jack Hadfield (Nathan). The supporting cast performed well and added to the good standard achieved, fully embodying the spirit of the production.

The set was simple and functional, enabling continuous action. Backstage work was handled smoothly and without interruption to the performance. Costumes were well sourced and consistent. Technically, the lighting was well used and mostly well controlled. The sound was of an OK standard, with one or two noticeable problems of distortion and missed cues encountered. The use of SFX was nicely balanced with the action and added value to the production.

As new addition to the NODA family, Osker Productions have certainly showed clear intent to put on grand productions that work towards achieving professional standards. Overall, this is a strong production that was well received by the audience and full of promise for the future. From all at NODA Nottingham, we hope that you enjoy the remainder of your run and look forward to seeing your next production.

Show Report by Matt Fry
NODA Nottingham, District 3, East Midlands Region