The Full Monty

Date 6th November 2018
Society Bilston Operatic Company
Venue Grand Theatre Wolverhampton
Type of Production Musical
Producer / Director Laura Canadine
Musical Director Dan Tomkinson
Choreographer Laura Canadine


Author: Jean Beard

I’m sure there are few people who have an interest in shows who do not know the story of The Full Monty. Six out of work guys, struggling to make ends meet and care for their wives and families decide to become male strippers! They go even further than that and decide to make their act more daring and entertaining and bare all – in fact going The Full Monty.

The focus is on how they get from being unemployed to being hot strippers and a star attraction is told in song, comedy, heartbreak and family love. The audience at the Bilston production, like all productions of this show, consisted mainly of females out for a good night at the theatre, hen parties and ladies between the ages of 16 and 90. Here and there you could spot a man among all the ladies and they added their voices to the cheering and laughter.

Jake Winwood, Stephen Burton-Pye, Patison Harrigan, Mike James, Joe James and Dominic Smith were the six brave guys who certainly entered into the spirit of the show and to the delight of the audience did not disappoint.

Ladies Joy Brown, Sarah Houghton, Amy Frost, Laura Canadine together with Laura Leo, Amy Evans and Viv Brown provide the wives, girlfriends and glamour to the proceedings. Young Owen White is a talented young man and as time goes by will probably be playing leading roles in the future.

Laura put her cast through their paces and Dan was fronting the orchestra, which at times was so loud that it tended to overshadow the performers on stage. There was a lot of “crackling” in the sound and this tended to be distracting at times.

The applause at the end of the show certainly illustrated that the evening had been a success and comments as people were leaving the theatre certainly suggested that some of the audience would be returning for a further helping of this show later in the week.