The female Odd Couple

Date 25th October 2013
Society Cobham Players
Venue Cobham Village Hall
Type of Production Play
Director Victoria Franklin


Author: Jon Fox

First impressions are so important, in theatre as in life;    after my warm and welcoming greeting upon arrival by Director Victoria Franklin and Brian Hulme, I was fairly sure that the evening would be enjoyable.    Well, I was wrong!   It was far better than merely enjoyable.   A pint of beer is enjoyable, this female odd couple was vintage champagne.

It is clear that the Cobham Players are a highly organised company dedicated to their craft, who expect and give a polished production, at least if this show is typical of them.

The Odd Couple themselves both gave sparkling performances;   Melanie Cook as untidy Olive and Mary Taylor as neurotic and obsessively tidy Florence can both be really proud of themselves.   Florence is the best role in the play requiring real acting skills and the contrast with sloppy Olive was beautifully pitched by both ladies.

Ably backing up these two paragons were the four girlfriends playing their hilarious Trivial Pursuit.    Believe me, nothing was trivial about any of them. Millie Hart (Mickey), Jacquie Slater (Renee), Liz Ness (Vera) and Beth Barrett (Sylvie)  all gave their various characters vivacity and were truly believable.

Just when I thought the evening could not get any better, it did!!   Cue the arrival of the two Spanish brothers.   Oh joy!    Graham Pountney as Manolo and Richard Williams as Jesus were hilarity itself.   How I laughed!    I found out after the show that Graham Pountney deputised very late in the day.

However special the ingredients, it takes a special chef to prepare a gourmet meal.   Take a bow then Director Victoria Franklin.   With apologies to Charles Dickens "please Miss, I want some more".

I must also praise the set designed by  Ray Moss - as an untidy mansion block flat it was just right.

So all in all a superb evening's entertainment.    Well done Cobham Players.

Jon Fox