The Dracula Spectacular

Date 24th April 2024
Society Springers Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society
Venue Chelmsford Theatre Studio
Type of Production Musical
Director Lula Hemmings/Matt Scott
Musical Director Sue Edwards
Choreographer Lula Hemmings/Libby Hall


Author: Victoria Carey


The Dracula Spectacular

Director – Lula Hemmings/Matt Scott

Choreographer– Lula Hemmings/Libby Hall

Musical Director– Sue Edwards


Performed at The Chelmsford Theatre Studio on Wednesday 24th April 2024


Reps name Victoria Carey

Reps district 8



This a lovely show with some nice songs and lots of comedy so I was really looking forward to seeing Offspringers production.

Set in Transylvania, teacher Nadia, beautifully played and sung by Maja Skoric, takes her students Elvis (Kyla Randall) Julie (Myla-Lily Russell) and Marvin (Stefan Munteanu) on a field trip where they meet a host of strange characters along the way. All three played their roles very well and I particularly appreciated the work done by Kyla off script. She was consistently engaged and sang out in the ensemble numbers too. Well done!

Of course being in Transylvania it was inevitable that this troop would bump into the legendary Dracula, nicely done by Alex Munteneanu. Alex grew into the role and had some funny moments with her loyal sidekick Genghis, Naomi McGivern and the Countess Wraith, Olivia Lambert.

But comedy really came in spades from the hilarious inn keepers Herr Hans, brilliantly done by Jack Funnell and Frau Gretel, the very talented Lulu Dodsworth. They made an excellent duo and had everyone laughing during their scenes.

Another stand out performance came from James Birchmore as Professor Nick, who falls in love with Nadia. James was very at ease on stage and his vocals were excellent. I particularly enjoyed his harmonies during the duet with Nadia. I understand this was his last show with Offspingers which will be a loss to them but a huge gain for Springers! James was well supported by Erin Spilling who gave a confident performance as Father O’Stake. I liked both of their reactions during the plot twist at the end.

The ensemble were well rehearsed and all looked like they were having a lovely time. There were some nice cameos too from Keira Beasley as Madam Landau and members of the “Outpatients” but special mention must go to Poppy Moore as the incredibly funny Pilot. Definitely one to watch out for in the future!

Choreography was simple but effective, which is exactly what is needed with a cast so varied in age. I understand the youngest member is only seven years old. I enjoyed the air hostess number and all involved in this were in time and looked lovely in their costumes. Another special mention here to Erin Potgieter who stood out on stage. I would like to see her in a bigger role where she can really shine.

The sound was well balanced for the most part and the band led by MD Sue Edwards were great although some of the sound effects were out of sync with what was happening on stage. Sue had clearly worked her magic though to produce some lovely vocals from the cast throughout the show.

The costumes were very good and make up was excellent, particularly Dracula’s. The set was simple but worked for the most part although I did have an issue with stage crew being so front and centre of the action at times. I think the cast could have been more involved with bringing props on and off and while the revolving castle door was a good idea I think it could have been turned without a stage crew member doing it in such clear view of the audience. Having said that the lighting was effective and the portraits hung near the stage in the auditorium were a nice touch.

Overall I really enjoyed this production. Offspingers have some talented young performers and Co-Directors Lula Hemmings and Matt Scott have done well with a show that isn’t that well known. I also really appreciated the time you both gave me before and after the show.

Thank you all for a very enjoyable evening and to the lovely front of house team that made my guest and I feel so welcome. I am looking forward to seeing you all again for your next production.

Victoria Carey

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