The Curse of Tooting Common

Date 7th June 2014
Society Bramrocks
Venue Margaret Mack Room, Rockland St Mary
Type of Production play
Director Sandra Barker


Author: Susan DuPont

~~Firstly to say how clever of you to find those mummies and the cat, really special Egyptian and perfect; and good recycling of last year’s assets for other scenes. And well- dressed appropriately.
 Nick Dixey must have enjoyed writing that script: when I read the programme, was concerned whether I could keep up with the complex script story but it all worked out well in quite a zany way.
 The two ‘living again’ mummies were well realised and loved their conversion to the 21st century living: Clive Gordon as Akhenaten really did have problems in resettlement, a strong portrayal; and as for Maya the High Priestess (Alexandra Evans), what a huge role and how dynamic and very convincing and such excellent diction, and a delight as she converted into a new life with it’s trials. And I just loved her ‘curses’!
 The archaeologist Harris (Nick Dixey) and assistant Lettice (Karen McKabe) were based on Carter and his ‘conscience’ and clever in the big world of business, and later changes in life style. Enjoyed Nick Mayhew as Iqbal the Pizza Purveyor, definitely a different theme to have Mummies as serving staff! And rather nasty Ma Wynder (Sandra Barker) with son Steamy (Richard Taylor) as the drugs team added a bad taste of evil business. And as for the hippy to take all the prizes, Ken Holbeck just won out and his humanity in taking in the strays paid off in the end, an amazing transformation of character and style to finish the tale with a happy ending. All the minor roles which came on and doubled to complete the story line worked well.
This was a play written for the group, really a team effort, and which brought out all the talents, especially the comedy in which Bramrocks always succeed, a good fun evening enjoyed by all.