The Clink

Date 11th November 2017
Society Richmond Amateur Dramatic Society
Venue Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond
Type of Production Play
Director Mike Walker


Author: Peter Parlour

This was a play which is not often performed and RADS were privileged to present the Northern Amateur Premiere.

This might be due to the technical challenges the production undoubtedly brings with nineteen scene changes, some quite short, some long, with some very long pieces of monologue. Despite it having music within the plot none was supplied and the composer, when contacted, could not recollect the score so it was down to director Mike Walker to improvise which he did with panache.


This Elizabethan play was centred around a fool being the victim of political skulduggery. The fool ‘Thomas Bodkin’ was played by Martin Ash who also played Davenport (a Catholic Nobleman) very well indeed. ‘Warburton’ (a privy councillor), was well played by Warnock Kerr who had at one stage an extremely long piece of dialogue – well done.

Thomas had a brother ‘Lucius’ (also a fool) excellently played by Jordan Leighton. ‘Beatrice’ the 

Monarch's Lady in Waiting was very well played by Amanda White. The Monarch looked every inch a queen was regally played by Lynne Kerr. Gary Winn took three parts including a Ghost of Hieronymus Bodkin, John Frobisher (a privy councillor) and The Captain (a connoisseur of the Duel) really very well indeed. 
Gregan Davis also took several very small roles. There was very little scenery and the use of curtains helped to divide the small scenes and keep the action flowing. The scenery that was on view was done by Gary Winn – well done.

Mike Walker did a first-class job in performing a play with very little to work on and making it a very interesting evening’s entertainment.