The Babes in the Wood

Date 30th January 2015
Society Waddington Dramatic Society
Venue Waddington Village Hall
Type of Production pantomime
Director Amanda and Matt Crombie


Author: Anne Key-Huckerby

Nornam Robbins' script was lovely with plenty of comedy to enjoy. A party of Boy Scouts delighted in taunting the evil Sheriff of Nottingham at every opportunit, but. Phil Darling was more than equal to their jibes. He played a blinder. The babes: Jack [Libby Rontree] and Jill [Emma Holt] played their parts with confidence and charm while Mike Kelly was suitably comely as Nurse Glucose. Sarah Holt [Maid Marion] and Alice Lee [Robin Hood] were nicely matched and Joan and Stephanie King were responsible for much  of the humour. The rest of the characters and chorus members supported ably. The set was well designed , constructed and decorated. The lighting and sound effects were in capable hands. I liked the choice of songs and music. There were some very pretty dance routines, too, and the costumes were delightful. Congratulations to all the cast but especially those who made so many witty ad-libs  in response to the  Scouts'  taunts. Well done.