The Amazing Adventures of Superstan

Date 23rd June 2017
Society Centrestage Productions Youth Theatre
Venue The Arch
Type of Production Musical


Author: Marie Coltman

This is a comical musical of muscle and marvel with the book, music and lyrics by Craig Hawes. This is a good fun show with some very clever lines. The stage was just an open set with back projection for each scene; this was very clever and made bright comic book drawings for the back cloths. Everyone in the cast really enjoying themselves, there are lots of different characters so everyone had a named part. There are some nice fun songs.

The story is based on a town that has an evil villain wanting to take over, and the Mayor of the town asking for help, the army can’t cope. Gran and her friends come to the rescue in the shape of Stanley Marvel, her grandson, nicely played by Taylor Angell-Collins who has a nice singing voice. In their younger days they had been super heroes and had made a formula which they give to Stanley who then changes into Superstan, played by Tyler Millard. He has a cheeky smile and takes on the role very well.

The villain of the peace is the Candy King played by Gabi Meech. She has a good stage presence and is very good in the role. Her and her evil Dr’s plan to give all the children gob stoppers and they would come under the power of the Candy King.

Superstan saves the day, and we also find out in a Star Wars moment that the Candy King was really his Grandfather. Everyone did really and you could tell they all had fun.