The Addams Family

Date 8th March 2022
Society EROS Musical Society
Venue East Kilbride Village Theatre
Type of Production Musical
Director Jon Cuthbertson
Musical Director Aileen Shaw
Choreographer Kirsten Keenan


Author: Stuart McCue-Dick

Based on the TV series of the same name this production by EROS certainly lived up to its billing as creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky and was a great choice for their first show back. Having taken the decision to double cast almost all the principal roles, just in case, I was delighted to have the chance to see both casts during the run.

A show like The Addams Family relies heavily on being able to recreate the very individual characters from the TV series and film. To this end both casts excelled! Did I have a favourite cast – certainly not. Each member of both casts captured the essence of the character whilst bringing their own individualism to it. Both casts worked well together and created believable, albeit slightly strange, characters, who at the end of the day loved each other in their own strange ways. This show features many real laugh out loud moments all of which were exploited by each character for maximum impact. In addition, the score features a range of styles and tempos for the principals to cope with. All were handled with ease whilst remaining in character – not any ease task.

As a collection of misfit ancestors, the chorus brought an extra dimension each time they appeared on stage with excellent costumes and individual characters and traits that never faltered.

A well-balanced orchestra provide suitable accompaniment that supported the cast and never drowned them out. Clever direction ensured the show moved along and creative lighting helped to enhance the atmosphere. Choreography was effective and appropriate and was well executed.

All in all, this was 2 great evenings of entertainment that fully justified the hearty applause at the end of both shows. Well done to all involved on and off stage and I look forward to seeing The Sound of Music next year.