The Addams Family

Date 19th November 2021
Society Richmond Operatic Society
Venue Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond
Type of Production Musical
Director Gary Winn
Musical Director Jonathan Heiter
Choreographer Jodie Martin


Author: Helen Abraham

I was thrilled to be asked to cover for another Regional representative in District 6 for Richmond Operatic Society’s production of “The Addams Family”.  I’d not been to Richmond in years and had heard so much about the Georgian Theatre Royal where the production was to take place.

The theatre itself is well worth a visit regardless of the production being performed.  Its Britain’s most complete Georgian Playhouse, the oldest working theatre in its original form and a most unique quirky venue to attend.  Very much recommended.

Directed by Gary Winn, assisted by Lara Vinsen the performance opened to some clever use of projections which were utilised throughout to create the creepy and kooky Addams family crypt from which the ancestors were introduced.  Their characterisation was very good, maintained throughout and all individually recognisable as their particular characters, even when interacting with the audience.  Their makeup was excellent, well done Carys Emptage and Rhoda Fraser.

The Addams family were instantly recognisable and very well portrayed generally.  Stand out performances without question need to be attributed to Jordan Hamilton-Leighton as Fester, Keeley Octon as Wednesday and Jay Dutton as Pugsley.

Jay has superb characterisation, a fabulous singing voice, brilliant comedic timing and was a joy to watch.  Keeley’s voice was mature far beyond her words and she commanded the scenes she was involved in with a mature ease which seemed way beyond her youth.  Neither dropped character at any point throughout their performances.  Both of them are a credit to themselves and their group.

Jordan Hamilton-Leighton was pure delight to see on stage.  His stage presence was second to none and his eccentric delivery of Fester was sublime, added to a superb singing voice, immaculate stage craft and his delivery was crystal clear throughout.  Really well done Jordan.

I really liked the use of the ancestors to assist with scenery changes, whilst in character too.  Really made the transitions smooth and slick.

Julie Winn as Grandma was a hoot, very well delivered.  Adam Collins as Gomez was as smooth as can be expected from that character portrayal and he has a lovely voice, though don’t be afraid to sing out Adam.  Sam Fitzsimmons did well as Morticia though I really would like to have seen sensual chemistry between her and Adam as the heads of the Addams Family.

Kevin Murray, Ashleigh Grant and Bradley Laundon portrayed Mal, Alice and Lucas Beineke respectively with enjoyable performances from them all.

The “Full Disclosure” number closing the first act was certainly a lively end, I really enjoyed the clever choreography and the fun packed number which left the audience humming the number throughout the interval.

I loved the simple setting on “The Moon and Me” which was completely effective and sincere and the little additions like the tiny Fester model flying to the moon – brought the house down!  I’m personally terrified of spiders so the gargantuan specimen hanging round on Mal’s dressing gown kept me right on my toes!

All in all a really well put together performance by all which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Thank you Richmond Operatic Society.