The Addams Family

Date 25th October 2018
Society Basingstoke Amateur Operatic Society
Venue Everest Community Academy
Type of Production Musical
Director Nick Brannam
Musical Director Simon Eastwood
Choreographer Nick Brannam


Author: Chris Horton

THE ADDAMS FAMILY is a musical comedy about a majorly dysfunctional family and the events following the family when their teenage daughter, Wednesday, wants to bring home a boyfriend to meet her parents and the struggles they face to have a “normal” evening.   We were then treated to an evening of highly original songs and dance routines all performed with great energy, confidence and maturity.   

The sets were effectively created and of high quality and cleverly designed. There was minimal disruption during the scene changes. The props were well handled – great credit to George Price as Lurch clearing the dinner table! The costumes were excellent, with great attention to detail and were in keeping with the characters and story. Morticia’s dresses were particularly well fitted, enabling her to dance her tango without difficulty.

The lighting was rather dark and sometimes difficult to see the principals. I understand this was done to create atmosphere but did present some difficulties. The sound was excellent with voices clear and blended well with the live music. The singing was of the highest quality with several notable solos: “Waiting” by Amy Miles as Alice being one of my favourites.

Director, Nick Brannam demonstrated his experience and talent as he drew great performances from this young cast. He was also responsible for the imaginative and impressive choreography. There was plenty of high energy, especially in the group numbers. The vast variety of characters included Alex Williams and Sienna Hughes as Gomez and Morticia, Ruby McGivern as Wednesday, Mia Kahr as Pugsley and Bryony Westwood (almost unrecognisable) as Grandma. This was a great opportunity to showcase the talent of the group. The music, led by Simon Eastwood, created a solid sound. There were many memorable moments: one of my favourites being Morticia cutting the heads off the roses and the stretching rack/”torture” scene. The plot may have been a bit thin but this production is all about ghostly goings on and gusto. The company made up the Addams Ancestors and all played with great aplomb.  BAOS Limelight go from strength to strength. This was comedy horror at its best and all was deliciously dark and daring.