The Adams Family

Date 14th November 2015
Society Hilltop Theatre Company
Venue Pentyrch Village Hall
Director Liam Daily
Choreographer Laura Hallas


Author: Ralph Thomas

This was my introduction to The Adams Family Musical and what an absolute delight it was. Liam Daily has once again shown his prowess as a director of musicals. A warm welcome from Hilltop was followed by an imposing self-made, set that filled the stage and seemed to make the playing area so much larger. Lighting was exceptional under the professional guidance of Llwyd Herniman and the click track (no orchestra pit) was really effective. An appropriate costume plot again self- made, showed Hilltops wardrobe ingenuity. Now this was a cast made up of individuals that I have seen in a variety of companies familiar to district 4, but new to Hilltop and what a lift this gave the company as a whole. The cast were phenomenal, recreating the idiosyncrasies we all expect from this “creepy and kooky” family.

The Beinekes Family, (Wednesdays to-be in-laws) were expertly played by Linda Coombes and John Crimmins. Danielle Davies played Wednesday with the appropriate amount of menace and a refreshingly and beautifully sung interpretation of Lucas by the very talented Craig Jones was equally matched by Danielle , their duets really were first class. The usual suspects of Pugsley (Xavier Clason – Morgan), Grandma (Karen Thomas), Lurch (Stephen Lurvey), Cousin It, (Tracey Richards) and Thing (Liam daily I Think?), all played their part with aplomb.

The characterisations of Gomez (Chris Powell), Morticia (Delyth Sian Harris) and Fester (Graham Perkins) could have adorned the west end. Graham’s delivery, mannerisms and love of the moon certainly nailed the stereotypical Fester. Delyth looked, acted and sung the Morticia role beautifully while an exceptionally talented Chris Powell (on loan from RATS) once again provided a tour-de-force as Gomez. An exceptional production, well done all.