Date 19th May 2018
Society Stevenage Lytton Players
Venue The Lytton Theatre
Type of Production Play
Director Tom Bierne


Author: Vicki Avery

It was clear that first time director Tom Beirne with support from seasoned director Dave Slade, had the vision of this play firmly in place and with the assistance of a strong cast was able to express his vision with pleasing results.

I imagine many directors would run a mile from this piece as this is a play which stands or falls on the amount of energy, passion and enthusiasm injected into it from both its director and its principal actors. This was a drilled, inspiring and performance!

First-class and diverse acting ability was on display, the standard within this production was overwhelming as we witnessed the highly energetic and talented cast take on the immense twenty roles between them. The focus and capability of the ‘Teecher’ trio alone was very focused indeed.

Rebecca White fire was on stage, she oozed charisma and delivered an exceptional performance with such direct energy, making the opposites of her characters even more hilarious. Her portrayal of the different characters was on the verge of genius, I particularly enjoyed the seductive gym coach.

David Carter gave both slapstick and warmth in his renditions. He was able to translate exactly what he was thinking in an instant, a very likeable character on stage. His energy was infectious, and I must admit I was emotionally exhausted by the end of the play.

Ashley Clynes completed the trio and with her expert take of teenage body language, she complemented the other actors and held the whole illusion together. Excellent control.

Aaron Govey as Mr. Nixon coped admirably with the at times “wordy dialogue”. However, at times I found the script difficult to follow as the pace was so fast. Remember, the audience probably don’t know the script and we want to enjoy it.

Gemma Davies delivered all three of her characters with fresh eyes on every entrance audit was a joy to watch how this actress interacted with the other players.

The supporting players were well cast and obviously remembered their own school days when developing their characters. Some well sustained characterization displayed here.

If anything was to let this production down slightly I would have to say that more attention could have been given to the technical side, the stage was not always lit to the best effect and sound cut offs were a tad harsh also I would have liked to have seen more use made of the video screen, but this by no means put a damper on the production for me.

Many congratulations on such an inspiring and exciting production and thank you once again for your hospitality.