Tarzan's Mother

Date 4th May 2012
Society Port Sunlight Players
Venue Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight Birkenhead
Type of Production Play


Author: Budge Grounsell

The Leverhulme drama festival

This was the first time I have been to the festival and what a good night it was. Port sunlight players opened the proceedings with “Tarzan’s Mother” the premise being prospective cleaners being mistaken for actors auditioning for a new TV drama. “Birdie” played by Yvonne Bush-Downey was convincing as the new directors secretary confident and strong on the telephone and with the ladies she thought were actors altho they soon managed to get her in a tizz which was exacerbated when “Spoonie” The new director appeared and operrode everything that was going on, adding to the confusion. Jan McGrann (Spoonie) certainly had the presence bullying “Birdie” who became all of a dither unable to explain when she realised the situation. Spoonie would have benefitted from a little more light and shade as it was played all on one level. The upshot was that “Mrs Fullerlove” played in best Ena Sharples style by Bettina Wilkins and having given as good as she got from Spoonie and Birdie is signed and despatched to wardrobe to play Tarzans mother. Her two companions Mrs Macey And Mrs Pratt well played by Averil Hughes and Elayne Beggs were excellent foils in fact all the characterisations were good and believable. The costumes were good and in keeping with the various characters. The set tended to be on too straight lines and the chaise longue might have been put to good use but was actually not used at all. There was a little lack of pace at times but altogether though this was an entertaining piece and the cast are to be commended.