Sylvia's Wedding

Date 27th April 2012
Society Hoghton Players
Venue Hoghton Village Hall, Preston
Type of Production Play
Director Joanne Ingham/Carol McCann


Author: Christine Hunter Hughes

It has only taken Gordon 10 years to get round to proposing to Sylvia – in a romantic proposal over cod, chips and curry sauce in the local chippy. Hardly an auspicious start – but Sylvia is thrilled – it’s what she always wanted! Gordon’s parents think their son is marrying beneath them, Sylvia’s best friend thinks Gordon is a wus – at best – whilst Sylvia’s Mum and Dad just ‘plod on’ watching real life and T.V. with almost the same amount of interest. Never forgetting Hoppy – the one legged budgie!!

I must start by congratulating the group on a simply superb split set – there was obviously no room in ‘the wings’, and the Garden – which is essential to the plot, was built on stage block at the side – and entrance to the garden and front door via a side door in the auditorium. Just take care during set changes that cast members waiting to come on stage remain out of sight whilst the crew are working.

The lack of space must have caused some headaches for the director with entrances and exits so limited but this was in no way apparent. Costumes were mostly appropriate and generally very good indeed – all the men looked splendid in their morning suits – although I was expecting something much fancier for Myrtle for ‘the big day’!

Sound was good, and although some of the lighting cues could perhaps have been a little quicker – having to perform on a split set brings a whole different set of challenges – the lighting was generally good.

The play moved along well – with plenty of pace, there were some excellent characterisations – with plenty of light and shade in the voices – I would have liked to see more of a contrast between the two couples – which would have added to the humour of the play – but that is a very small criticism taking the production as a whole.

It was a most entertaining and enjoyable evening – and the almost capacity audience obviously enjoyed and appreciated the production. Very many thanks everyone connected with this production for your kind invitation to ‘Sylvia’s big day’ – and for such a warm and hospitable welcome.