Sweet Charity

Date 13th May 2022
Society Rhyl & District Musical Theatre Company
Type of Production Musical
Director Julian Eyre
Musical Director Tommie James
Choreographer Gail Astle


Author: Lyn Emmerson

Sweet Charity was the Society’s first full length production, since lockdown in 2020 and the whole Society must be congratulated on their efforts.

The story of Sweet Charity is the journey of Charity Hope Valentine, a taxi dancer in The  Fan-Dango Ballroom, who wishes for better times ahead, but these were short lived. Young Chloe Warde was an excellent choice for the role of Charity. This is a demanding role which Chloe immersed herself in from the start and brought out all the different moods of the character. She coped well with script and score, was faultless in her delivery of the ever popular ‘If My Friends Could See Me Now’, in Vittorio Vidal’s Apartment, and led the chorus in a superb

 ‘I m a Brass Band’. She dealt well with the moments of pathos thus giving a very creditable performance all round. Fan-Dango ballroom friends Nickie : Nikki Renshaw, Helene: Lisa Tudball, and Betsy: Hayley Sprake led the girls with a raunchy rendition of ‘Big Spender’, with Nickie and Helene joining Charity in a wonderful ‘There’s Gotta Be Something Better Than This’. Solid performances from each of these characters throughout the piece.

I am always glad to see Ashley McAllister in the cast. We are always assured of a first class characterisation from him and believe me, he was just perfect in the role of actuary Oscar Lindquist.The lift scene between Oscar and Charity was an absolute triumph, a highlight of the show. The script gathered pace as the claustrophobic Oscar seemed to be suffering again from being shut up in small places, as the lift became stuck. Oscar delighted the audience as this complex character developed and he richly deserved the accolade from the audience. Ashley also doubled up as Charlie in Act 1.

A polished performance from George Kelly who revelled in the role of Vittorio Vidal, Italian movie star. Adding another string to his bow in Act 2, George gave us an enthusiastic portrayal as Daddy Brubeck and led the chorus with ‘Rhythm of Life’. Hayley Sprake was a very glamorous Ursula March, Vittorio’s girl – friend and Craig Semple was well cast as Herman. Indeed all minor roles were well executed.

Choreography was well worked out. I particularly liked Rich Man’s Frug, and all other chorus numbers being well - rehearsed. One or two hic-cups with the scenery and a few technical difficulties, but I am sure these were swiftly ironed out.

Thank you Rhyl & District MTC lovely to see you all once again, and I look forward to ‘The Wedding Singer’ in November, I’ve never seen it before!!

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