Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Date 23rd May 2012
Society Overton Dramatic Society
Venue St Mary's Hall, Overton
Type of Production musical?
Director Marc Edens (assisted by Gabrielle Esplin)
Musical Director Frank Bell?


Author: Margaret Coltman (NODA Past President)

Stephen Sondheim is not the easiest of music to listen to and sing, but with the hall set out with tables and chairs the capacity audience could have been in Mrs Lovett’s pie shop themselves.
The open set was impressive made by the company and it worked very well on the small stage as did the barber’s chair.
From the very start “The Ballard of Sweeney Todd” by the company a chilling atmosphere was set and progressed to brilliant characterisation of the various named parts.
“Sweeney” played by David McLaren could not be faulted, holding the character to the end as did “Mrs Lovett” played by Maggs Streward, both connived very well together in the singing and the acting a delight to watch.
“Johanna & Anthony” Kate Galvin & Tom Redgrave gave the contrast to the evil pair,
while the young “Tobias” Gabby Walker a star for the future to watch, so confident,
“Beggar Woman” Sharon East well played and needed all the sympathy she could get,
“Adolpho Pirelli” Tom Wheatley in good voice and with appropriate bravado.
Evil again with “Judge Turpin” Andy Tungate and “Beadle Bamford” Robert Bailey you felt like polishing them off yourselves.
The Ensemble Cast worked very well together entrances and exits were slick and singing good.
Small but competent orchestra.
Good costumes.
I don’t think the men in the audience will go to a “ barbers” again unless they took someone with them.