Sunshine on Leith

Date 19th March 2016
Society Airdrie & Coatbridge Amateur Operatic Society
Venue Sir John Wilson Town Hall Airdrie
Type of Production Musical
Director Thomas Gemmell
Musical Director Ross Angus
Choreographer Lisa Kennedy


Author: David Black

This was a polished production with flawless performances provided by all but in particular the principals who skilfully captured the fun, joys and heartaches of relationships within a tight-knit family unit.  This was further enhanced through the quality of the singing and choreography from the entire company.  Returning home to Leith from war, squadies Davie Henshaw (Steven Lambie) and Ally (Steven Struthers) brilliantly portrayed the transition back to civilian life, re-living the atrocities experienced in Afghanistan whilst pursuing their love interests with Yvonne and Liz played with great ease by Laura Shepherd and Gillian MacKissack.  Grant Campbell provided a first rate performance as Rab Henshaw dealing with the torment of recently discovering the daughter he never knew he had from a previous relationship in the early years of marriage.  On discovering this secret Katrina Campbell accomplishedly captured the emotions of Jean’s anger, pain and personal hurt.  The story was portrayed creatively on a revolving stage with projections of Edinburgh Street scenes in the background and the chorus positioned around the action to make up the crowd for strong choral support to the challenging musical numbers.  This funny, vibrant, energetic piece of musical theatre proved to be yet another success for the company who played to six ‘sell out’ audiences and attracting a worthy standing ovation which all involved should be extremely pleased with.