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Sunshine on Leith


27th May 2016


AOC Productions


Arts Centre Theatre, Aberdeen

Type of Production



Judith Stephen

Musical Director

Craig McDermott


Jenny Anderson


Author: Celia Walker

Sunshine on Leith” was a very different type of show for AOC Productions (formerly Aberdeen Opera Company) to present. The opening, with armed soldiers (supposedly in Afghanistan) coming down the aisles, set the context and then we had the homecoming of the two soldier buddies to Leith and their re-entry to civilian life. The six principals were all excellent and the story of the soldiers Davy and Ally (Ian Towns and Chris Wallace) and their misunderstandings during the courtship of Liz and Jean (Hannah McKenzie and Sarah Dawson) well portrayed. James Stephen (Rab) and Laura Pike (Jean) gave strong leadership as the parents of Davy and Liz.

Staging was kept simple with a fair number of large cubic boxes which were niftily moved around to make the scenery for the different scenes. The company had many varied roles to fill and performed with vigour throughout.  Company action was several times taking place around the auditorium when I felt I would have liked to be right at the back to see everything. A strong production clearly enjoyed by the full house audience.