Summer Holiday

Date 10th March 2018
Society Glenrothes Amateur Musical Association
Venue Rothes Halls, Glenrothes
Type of Production Youth Musical
Director Derek Walker
Musical Director Alan Gibson
Choreographer Jemma Guild


Author: Mike Pendlowski

If you want to get the audience on your side right from the start, choose a show like Summer Holiday.  Who didn’t go home humming or singing one of Cliff Richard’s memorable compositions for example “Bachelor Boy” or “The Young Ones”.

Similar to many youth theatres, GAMA (Youth) hosts a wide range of experience and confidence within their membership – and this necessarily changes from year to year – it’s the nature of a Youth Society. However those who last out two or three years with the Society give of the benefits of their learning over these years. And so it was this afternoon.

The four London Bus mechanics, Don, Steve, Cyril and Edwin in real life Ewan James, Alex Morrison, Lauchlan Graham, and Joel Allsopp,

All successfully appeared to bond as actors as well as bonding in their characters.  The male lead, Don, held his own in the many solos and duets allocated to this character.   Ewan’s confidence also shone when the four lads were joined by (initially) three girls –  Angie, Mimsie & Alma (Eilidh Mackinlay, Mirren McLure and Erin Moodie).  Again, the trio worked very well together, bringing out each individual character in turn. They are soon to be joined by “stowaway” Barbara, performed by vivacious  Sarah Thomas, whose solos “Constantly” and “Living Doll” were both a joy to listen to.

Barbara’s very ambitious mother, Stella, was portrayed to maximum effect by Matthew Hutton, his antics bringing much deserved laughter from the capacity audience. Stella’s Press Agent, Jerry (Grant Haddow) also joined in the hilarity – his facial expressions adding to the fun of his scenes with Stella.

Choral numbers worked well – and, most importantly, the cast looked as if they were enjoying themselves, which is half the battle!

Scene changes, of which there are several, seemed to take unduly long on the whole. This has the unfortunate effect of restricting the flow of the show.  Some advice for future productions, could some attention be paid to accents, for example when parts are clearly defined as London bus mechanics, the avoidance of local accents can add significantly to the production.

Many thanks for your invite to your 2018 show!