Summer Holiday

Date 19th September 2013
Society Worthing Musical Theatre Company
Venue The Pavilion, Worthing
Type of Production Musical
Director Bob Woodman
Musical Director James LeLean


Author: Jose Harrison

This production is what might be described as a ‘Rock and Roll’ musical containing some of the biggest Cliff Richard’s hits of the 60s. The story revolves around four young men who worked as mechanics for the bus company for 50 weeks of the year just waiting for their two weeks of holiday on the continent. When their plans go astray for lack of money their ‘leader’ of the group Don, well played by Steve Pannell, comes up with the idea of converting an old Double Decker bus. The lads all nicely played by Harry Rippon, Luke Martin and Daniel Doody were cool, moved well giving comedic performances at times and sang with great feeling and conviction.  They soon met up with three girls in a broken down car heading for Athens so took them on board. Andrea Nash, Rachel Smith and Alison Booker gave strong confident performances, jiving and singing all the well known numbers with great enthusiasm. Add to the equation an unwilling young pop star run away, sensitively and convincingly characterised by Chelsea Love. She was disguised as a boy, and her pushy mother (Sally McDonald) and partner Jerry (Anthony Towers) were determined to find her by stopping the bus. All of this made a good vehicle for so many famous songs. The principle cast members were more than well supported by the enthusiastic ensemble. Everyone in this production worked together nicely and exuded enthusiasm with lots of energy performing with vigour despite some of their ages. Much merriment was caused by Derek Hoskins who ‘introduced’ each new country, especially Italy with his Gondola. The audience loved him. The effective set design was predominantly a back drop for a superb bus which was utilised either front view or sideways on. There was even a car and a scooter on the set at various points so well done to the stage crew and props department. The costumes and hair styles were reminiscent of the period and it appeared thought had gone into getting these together. The Orchestra played well and was very supportive of the cast and the audience went home humming their favourite number.