Date 10th November 2012
Society CAOS Musical Theatre Company
Venue Park View Theatre, Chester le Street
Type of Production Musical
Director Marjorie Bolam
Musical Director Colin Galley
Choreographer Pam Johnson


Author: Michelle Coulson

Based on the classic Billy Wilder film “Some Like it Hot”, the musical “Sugar” follows unemployed musicians Jerry (Peter Archer) and Joe (Graeme Smith) who after witnessing a shooting are on the run from gangsters and go undercover with an all female band. Complications arise when Joe (now known as Josephine) falls in love with the band's singer, Sugar Kane (Amy Smith) and the plot follows their pursuit by the gangsters and their countless efforts to shake them off.

Graeme Smith as “Joe” sang really well and he alternated with ease between each of 3 characters he portrayed. The comedy portrayed by both Graeme and Peter as the “girls” gave many audience members laugh out loud moments even if they did make two pretty shocking looking women! Peter’s character “Daphne” attracted a love interest in the shape of millionaire “Sir Osgood Fielding” (Bill Collins) and this led to a surprising conclusion at the end of the show. Amy Smith’s portrayal of “Sugar” had definite glimpses of the character of Marylyn Monroe; she looked the part and sang well.

Fiona Havercroft as “Sweet Sue”, the band leader, gave an assured performance, never losing her accent or character and successfully keeping “Beinstock” (Martin Fairley) under her control. Steve Laws, as “Spats Palazzo” the gangster, looked every inch the role and he was ably supported by his “hoods”.

This show does not have much opportunity for chorus signing or dancing, but the ladies playing “Sweet Sue’s Syncopaters” gave a convincing portrayal as the band members, and the men were kept busy depicting gangsters, millionaires and “bums”.

The costumes were good and the many scene changes were well executed with good use of lighting and props to eliminate the need for any hold up in the action. The number of scenes, the lack of many memorable songs and the small amount of ensemble work is probably why this isn’t a show which is undertaken very often in the amateur circuit, but hats off to C.A.O.S. and to Marjorie and her team for undertaking the challenge,