Straight and Narrow

Date 20th November 2015
Society Allerton Players
Venue The Forum Northallerton
Type of Production Play
Director Paul Staines


Author: Peter Parlour

The Allerton players did a very good job with this light comedy by Jimmy Chinn. The story is about Bob and Jeff, partners at work and in life, played by Chris Donnelly and Ewan McNulty respectively, and how well they performed.  Bob was the narrator who kept us well informed of all the comings and goings between his mother and his sisters, Lois and Nona, very well played by Katie Noble and Tamsin  Bolam.  Lois is heavily pregnant, with husband Bill’s child. Bill was played by Paul Staines. They were all under the wing of Mother, very well played by Susan Wildon, who liked to know all that was going on, but didn’t know about Bob and Jeff’s relationship. Bob found out that Jeff had met a girl while on holiday on Gozo, and that was the topic of all conversation between the boys and the sisters, with mother trying to solve the problems. Bob was devastated when he found this out. Bill was quite happy to sit back and read his paper and let everything pass him by.  Nona’s husband Arthur, played by Richard  Henry, had gone off with Big Brenda from Boots, but returned, much to the delight  of Nona.  As Bob said in his opening remarks, lies are always told, and in in the play there were all sorts of excuses. In the end they made up, however, but I still don’t think that Mother understood what had happened. Paul Staines, the Director, did a very good job and he had an excellent cast to work with. It was all very confidently performed. Well done Allerton Players.?