Date 11th May 2018
Society The DODS
Venue Lister Hall, Dursley
Type of Production Musical
Director Sue Cheshire
Musical Director Roger Winter
Choreographer -


Author: Dee Way

This musical must be quite a challenge to stage with its various extraordinary characters and situations.  The various costume and character changes are enough to leave the cast of 10 disorientated, let alone the audience, but on this occasion the story was very clearly told, the characters were highly believable, the transitions were excellent and the music and singing were lovely!

The direction showed a real enthusiasm for the show and the action was fun, continuous and engaging.  Exits and entrances were well planned and worked to perfection.  The opening in Finland was performed with belief and energy, while the body language when the actors had to leave was excellent – and hilarious!  This set the standard and the tone for the whole production – enormous fun and excellent performances! The co-ordination of the music, action, lighting and sound was very good, adding much to the power of the production.  

The scenery for this show was wonderful, complete with castle turrets and battlements (with lights for a few scenes), a forest of three trees, a realistic boat and the killer rabbit.  However, the production was so well put together that no one element stood out as dominating the stage. This was teamwork at its very best.

The costumes throughout were lovely, and highly inventive.  King Arthur looked very regal, Patsy was suitably clothed as a peasant - and weighed down with luggage and coconuts - while the Lady of the Lake looked marvellous in her gowns and wigs, together with her attendants.  

The singing and acting by all throughout the show were excellent, so much so that when a new character arrived, it was impossible to tell who was acting it, as vocal delivery changed as well as the singing voice. The characterisations of each person were very well done, with great attention given to detail and this enormous sense of fun underlying the entire show.

This was a wonderfully funny and clear version of the story, and it was played with great energy and commitment. Congratulations on a wonderful production!