Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Date 25th January 2020
Society Gosforth Amateur Dramatic Society (GADS)
Venue Gosforth Public Hall
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Karen Polmear
Choreographer Tosh McGregor


Author: Ed McGee



Gosforth Amateur Drama Society

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White was a very enjoyable pantomime from the company. It was well directed by Karen Polmear and there were many enjoyable moments during the performance.

All the main characters were well played. Andrew Turnbull played a good dame, Benita Finch was suitably wicked as the villain of the show, although she did occasionally drop her scowl and showed her pleasanter side. The principals were all well played , sadly too many to mention by name. The Dwarfs were excellent and I was particularly impressed by young Aidan Robinson, playing Grumbly, he was a perfect grump. To be honest everyone suited the roles they were cast in.The young chorus sang and danced enthusiastically and all had their owns characters within the story.

I was very impressed with the scenery built by the crew, it was very colourful and very much in keeping with the plot. The continuity was good and the scene changes were covered adequately, well done to the crew. Lighting and sound were generally good, all the crew worked well throughout.

On a slightly negative note I felt that, particularly the first Act had loads of spoken word, and perhaps two or three more musical numbers may have broken it up more? Just my opinion. Act Two had more music and seemed to move a long quicker.

This was a very enjoyable production from the society, despite my little beef. The almost full audience clearly enjoyed the performance and it was a very pleasant way to pass a miserable January, Saturday afternoon. Very well done to everyone involved in the production. Phyllis and I look forward to our next visit to a GADS production.

Ed McGee ( NODA North West 10 Rep)