Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Date 5th December 2012
Society St Herberts Amateur Dramatic Society
Venue St Herbert's Parish Centre
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Rebecca Szabo
Choreographer Rebecca Szabo


Author: Sharon Drummond

The set looked great and worked well with minimum changes of scenes. The lighting plot worked well. The show used backing tracks rather than live music but this worked well allowing current pop music including the year’s hottest pop song “Gangham Style” to be used as part of the show. The costumes looked lovely and props worked well especially the magic mirror. The use of very different heights of actors for the dwarfs worked well too with plenty of comedy coming out of this. The principals worked really hard and engaged well with the audience. The brownies in the audience loved to boo along when Susan Longley playing Queen Mortica came on stage. Susan had a clear delivery of lines and a mean streak when dealing with Snow White. Tony Mooney played the Story Teller, The Magical Mirror and Stumpy (one of the dwarfs). A good solid performance and not at all typecast, as the Director tried to insinuate! Well done on the performance as the mute one as getting the acting across with no dialogue is a real skill. Quick changes too so well done. Joan Bint played Mother Nature with lovely warmth and Nathan Simpson put in a sterling performance as Prince Charming with really nice vocals in all his numbers. The two main comedy roles were played by Tony Cenci as Muddles and Carole Griffiths as Slimeball. Both put in great performances with lovely comic touches. I enjoyed the Who, What and I don’t know sketch- well timed and perfect length. Engaging with the audience was nicely done by both too. Snow White was beautifully played by Lauren Copp who looked the part, acted the part and with lovely vocals to match. The children in the audience were mesmerised as the costume and wig transformed this lovely young actress into Snow White herself. The audience had a thoroughly great evening including joining in with the “Gangham Style “dancing. I blame you all for my bad back the following day!! Ha ha. As always a very entertaining evening.