Snow White and the vertically challenged excavators

Date 17th December 2023
Society Newport Pantomime & Musical Society
Venue Newport Pantomime Hall
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Laura Bassett assisted by Nick Brimble
Musical Director Gareth Rawle-Jones
Choreographer Ffion Norris
Producer Rose Chilcott assisted by Ffion Bassett


Author: Dianne Hayes

Its Panto time at the Newport Pantomime Hall where Newport Pantomime Youth are performing an original script, written by Sian Nixon; “Snow White and the Vertically Challenged Excavators”.

As always it is a pleasure to see this society in action, doing what they do best, entertaining an audience.

The script has followed the general story of Snow White but with subtle changes and some new and interesting characters.

Our seven little excavators were still with us and enjoying every moment on the stage. Each with their own personality related to their new names but working as an efficient team. My congratulations to them all. They smiled all the way through.

Snow White played by Niamh Britton and Prince CH CH CH played by Megan Norris gave very confident performances as the fairy tale couple. Well done to both.

Ffion Bassett as the Queen was perfectly wicked in the true sense of panto. The audience just loved to dislike her. An amazing performance that clearly showed an outstanding talent.

Yin and Yang played by Bethany Bassett and Daisy Smith were a great hit with the audience. Comedy has got to be the most difficult role in live theatre especially in the interaction with an audience and not to be attempted by the faint hearted. This young duo were confident and gave an excellent performance throughout the show.

Zac Chape as Miss heard defies description. He was outstanding. This young man had the confidence of a professional. His control and timing were impeccable. He was funny entertaining, and he thoroughly enjoyed every moment on the stage. He made the stage his own.

Shakira Brooks as the Mirror gave an object a personality, with superb facial expression and timing. A lovely performance was given every time she entered. An excellent solo song delivery certainly shows that she has a talent for musical theatre. Very well done.

Cameo roles are very much underrated and should never be. Millie Phillips as Gremlin stole the show on every entry. Her body language and facial expression were superb. An excellent performance.

The full cast of this show can be very proud of there achievement. A pantomime is a very special form of entertainment and Newport Pantomime Youth has sent their audience away with a smile on their faces and joy in their hearts.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Dianne Hayes NODA Wales and Ireland Regional Representative District 7