Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Date 30th January 2016
Society Dinnington Operatic Society
Venue Lyric Theatre, Dinnington
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Louise Seldon
Musical Director Jonathan Wilby
Choreographer Jacqui Lowe, Assisted by Kirsty Probert


Author: Les Smith

Being a big kid at heart, something which I think I say at every pantomime, I love a good panto where the audience can join in and all have a real good laugh.

Well here we did have a good laugh and there were plenty of opportunities for the audience to get involved in the action.

I have to say I have never been a big fan of this particular panto, Snow White and the 7 Dwarves with children playing the dwarves, but I do think I have been converted with this one. It worked extremely well with the "dwarves" having enormous heads on and adults being used for their voices, this did give a better impression than using kids using their own voices etc.

In the leading roles we had Samantha Smedley as Queen Avarice and she was perfect, getting the right amount of boos and jeers from all areas of the audience, Samantha was also able to win the hearts of some people too

In total contrast to the wicked queen we had Charlotte Burgin as Fairy Fortune who not only played the part to the full but also sang her way through a number of songs with an excellent voice. 

Of course this panto calls for a pretty young actress to play the part of Snow White and here we had the perfect Snow White in the guise of Hannah Wall, she was able to engage with the audience as well as with her handsome Prince Ferdinand played to the full by Scott Walker, both of them engaging with each other to give very convincing performances.

We had a great double act with Alan Walker and Mark Wareing as Justice Quill and Scribbles respectively who brought the right amount of comedy in their parts without going over the top. Another perfect performance was from Paul Raymond as Slurp, he had the audience in stitches especially with his comic walk both entering and even more when he left the stage.

John Green once again played a larger than life Dame, Edna Bucket, as usually John played to the audience and was very at ease on the stage. I especially enjoyed the mirror scene where he replicated every action of the queen, resulting in the audience loving every minute as they did when they performed I Wanto To Break Free, the well known Queen classic complete with vacuum cleaners, short tight skirts and moustaches.

No panto is complete without the "Simple Simon" character and here we had the ever funny Ashley Booker as Chuckles Bucket, who was loved by every member of the audience no matter how young or old they may be. Ashley worked his socks off and it certainly paid off, he managed to get every ounce of comedy from each scene he took part in.

Well done to everyone involved and congratulations.