Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Date 23rd January 2015
Society Bolsover Drama Group
Venue The Bolsover School, Bolsover
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Leanne Collins, Ray Hall, Mick Whitehouse
Musical Director Nigel Turner
Choreographer Leanne Collins


Author: Joyce Handbury

Peter Denyer’s ‘Snow White’ provides an excellent script and Bolsover Drama Group certainly made the most of it in this lively, enthusiastic production. As I’ve said many times the restrictions put on them in having to remove the sets after each performance does make for limitations in set design but they never fail to ingeniously design sets that depict the many different and varied situations as was the case in this pantomime. Snow White was delightfully played by Hannah Bradford she looked, acted and sang with complete naturalness and was just perfect for this role and the Prince was charmingly portrayed, in the traditional manner, by Lisa Brunt. Wendy Blunt gave a powerful performance as the Wicked Queen the boos and hisses she received were testament to a truly evil portrayal and Ray Hall was great as Herman, the Queen’s henchman. I loved Louise Sutton as Fairy Goodheart, she was so endearingly amusing. Chris Peck was first-rate as Muddles, the jester, his many antics were hilarious and he had a great rapport with the audience. Recently I saw a professional production of Snow White and I know which ‘dwarfs’ were my favourites - yes, the Bolsover 7. They were without doubt a fantastic motley crew. Paul Holland was Prof, Ian Simpson - Grumbly, Peter Maddison - Cheeky, Tara Madeley - Snoozy, Dawn Blackburn - Sniffly, Donna Knowles - Blusher and Chrissy Smith - Loopy. They depicted their individual characters, implied by their names, to perfection. Good support came from Ray Wignall, James Sheppard, Istvan Koszegi, David Paddick and of course, the ensemble, especially from the many children that were involved. The costumes were superb, the sets were imaginatively created, there were some excellent lighting effects and the simple choreography was well executed (‘You Can Count on Me’ was particularly good). A thoroughly enjoyable experience - congratulations to everyone involved.