Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Date 17th February 2024
Society Gillingham Dramatic Society Productions
Venue Glassbox Theatre, Gillingham
Choreographer Emma Constantine/Bethany Pembel
Written By Ben Crocker
Musical Director Owen McColgan
Director Adam Waters


Author: Gordon Harris

Mirror, mirror on the wall, where’s the fairest panto of them all? Well, if you headed over to the Glassbox Theatre in Gillingham for this year’s pantomime from GDS Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you’re sure to find out it was Magnificent.

I have never had to review a Snow White, what a nice treat for me and my guest. Dame Dolly Dumping (James Stacy) brings warmth, charm, and love to the dame of this story and is a force to be reckoned with. His flare for comedy is something the audience hungers for. James does not disappoint, but there is also a softer side to our Dame Dolly Dumping. His costumes were comedy alone and a very tasty looking hat of a cake. He certainly controlled the stage, perfect James.

Carly Harwood, as Snow White: we couldn’t have asked any more from Carly, she is already well established as one of Medway’s best. Such charisma on stage in any role she partakes. Carley has now added Snow White. Such Talent in this young lady she is always the fairest in the theatre.Now what about the evil side to the story, Queen Grimelza (Rachael Champ): what a performance from Rachael, evil she was, an actress with class, a powerful voice and stage presence, she owned it. The audience hated her, I didn’t! Looking stunning in her costume from top to bottom.

Top comedy roles went to Bogwort (Laura Stoneman) and Stinkwort (Marianna Allen) - they bounced off each other and had some of the best lines in the show. Well done girls. Fairy Wonderwings (Tonia Plowmam): very nice characterisation as good fairy, Tonia was so posh I loved it. Prince Frederick (Connor Whittaker) the tall, charming and charismatic young Prince gave us his love for Snow White, and he won it in the end. Well, done, Connor. The hot Aimee Knight was stuck in a dog costume nearly all the performance, but never failed to give us a woof woof and a lick of doggyism (I made that up it’s a word now.) Aimee I admire you for taking on the dog Fang. Strokes. Danny Dumpling (Aiden Ashton), far from a  dumpling gave us a solid performance as Danny. Lee Round as Oswald was horrible and nasty, as it should be but this was just up Lee’s street being an actor that Lee is, splendid in these sort of roles. The voice of the Mirror I think it was Nicole Baker - you filled the theatre with fear wonderfully. Fairy Goodheart, Fairy Trueheart and Fairy Braveheart (Rhea Baker, Ellie Boardman and Amelia O’Shea),a sort of backing singers gave song and comedy, especially Amelia’s Scottish accent a gem, made me snigger. Rounding off the cast are the magnificent seven, the friendly group that help Snow hide from the evil queen. Although limited stage time, the seven were a welcomed addition to this year’s line-up joining the ensemble (Jenna Chapman and Judy Bell) in routines and showcasing dance skills on their knees...ouch!! A huge ovation goes out to Joe Warrilow, Geogina Waters, Nicol Gillespie, Catherine Loft, Charlie Humphrey, Harry Wildash and Harrison Foster as the little people. Choreography by Emma Constantine and Bethany Kember showcased by the ensemble and cast is what you would expect, lots of dance moments also in the routines by AACTS (Amy Egan). were a welcomed surprise. 

Musical Direction was everything you could wish form the Musical Director Owen McColgan perfect sound level and with his band of Rob Ferguson and Alex Coveney. Owen always comes up trumps. Adam Waters, Director, took this new venue for GDS in your stride (not an easy task) - Adam you are such a talented director and actor, making sure all your cast stood out in their various roles, gave them confidence to excel. With you as a director they should be thanking you for so many solid and professional performances I’m sure you are proud of them as they should be of you. Keep giving Medway and GDS your Talent.