Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Date 29th January 2020
Society Downfield Mains Panto Group
Venue Downfield Mains Church Hall, Dundee
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Lyndsay Morrison
Musical Director Fiona Gill
Choreographer Rachel Thomson


Author: Roger D. Buist

Despite my vast pantomime experience, very seldom do I see this well-known tale performed as a panto! So, as this was quite unique, off we went to the land of Once Upon A Time. Rachel Miller was perfectly cast as the sweet, innocent-looking Snow White, winning the heart of her Prince and, all the children, young and old, in the audience. As her handsome prince, Rachel Thomson looked absolutely stunning and striking Prince Ferdinand and a great cheer went up when he awoke his beloved Snow White after she had eaten the poisoned apple, courtesy of her evil Stepmother, Queen Avarice. Bringing despicable sleaze as the queen of mean was Alyson Duff (who always delights in playing the “baddie” role) and she did so with enjoyable ease, bringing evil and torment to all the proceedings, helped along by the mysterious, Merlin (Paul Ross), the man in the Magic Mirror . . . until she was then finally disenchanted by the good and upright Fairy Fortune (Claire Streets). So much for the traditional story line, but hey, this was pantomime, so who supplied the corny, fun moments? Step forward panto dame Fiona Gill as the terribly outrageous Edna Bucket (pronounced bouquet!), and her sidekick, the likeable Chuckles the Jester (Graeme Hooper) – and, between the two of them, the jokes got worse and worser! Then there was the ever-so-correct Justice Quill (Keith Spottiswood) and his daft assistant, Scribbles (Pam McGrath). Their entire comic dialogue was truly up-to-date for it was based on technical computer jargon gags which made everybody groan! Another “nasty” was Slurp (Andy Mackay), the Queen’s henchman - the drain cleaner - and, from his every entrance, one could almost smell him! Then we come to the Dwarfs . . . not the small kind, but ones with great “big” hearts – and how they all enjoyed their youthful cantrips! Thanks go to Kirsty Small, Jamie Tosh, Joyce McConnell, Josh McCallum, Allyson Smyth, Sharon Fox and Anne Lindsay – I hope you all enjoyed your “youth”! And, on that subject, well done to the six energetic, young lasses who made up the dance team and, not forgetting the six delightful young people playing the forest animals. This was just the prescription for a rather cold January night!