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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


4th January 2019


Corby Amateur Theatrical Society


The Core Theatre, Corby

Type of Production



Kev Aitken

Musical Director

Barbara Hockey


Marcia Mitchel


Author: Caroline Jervis

 What better way is there to spend a bitterly cold night than to watch C.A.T.S latest production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! The pantomime has been superbly directed by Kev Aitken. The musical direction by Barbara Hockey was excellent with some great music choices and super vocals and harmonies all backed by a talented three-piece band. The choreography by Marcia Mitchell was varied, slick and very energetic.

The title role of Snow White was beautifully played by Emma Louise Hall who was matched perfectly with Bianca Harker playing the Prince. The role of Edna was played by Adrian West-Tooms who was outrageously funny and had a great rapport with the audience. Hanna McDaid was terrific as Queen Averice and had the audience booing throughout the show. Craig Douglas was hysterical as Chuckles. He had great comic timing and gave a performance which I loved. Heidi Coleman gave a strong and confident performance as the Fairy. A fantastic comedy duo came from Janet Askew as Justice Quill and Phil Mills as Scribble. A visually very funny performance came from Katy Strand as Slurp. Kevin Maltby was excellent as Merlin and had a superb voice. The Seven Dwarfs were absolutely delightful and were played by Holly Robb as Brainy, Ruby Ward as Smiley, James Ebsworth as Dozy, Izzy Shone as Grumbly, Aidy Ford as Snoozy, Charlie Smyth as Sniffle and Lauren Machar and Gabriella Farrant as Blushful. The principal actors were supported by an amazing ensemble and troupe of junior dancers. Well done to the entire company!

The sets were excellent and very well managed as were the props. The costumes were beautiful and very colourful. The make-up and hair styles were of a very good standard. The lighting and sound quality was excellent throughout the show.

Congratulations to all at C.A.T.S for this first class production that was excellent family entertainment! I along with all the audience had a wonderful evening!

CAROLINE JERVIS                                                                                                                                    NODA EAST MIDLANDS DISTRICT 7 REPRESENTATIVE.